Letter to the support department

I want to thank you for the help youíve given me over the last few days in getting the MyProp‘ program to work. I was able to get out all the April 1st tenant statements this morning. I still have questions, and Iím not sure Iím doing everything correctly, but at least it worked. I would love to have you come out, give me a tutorial session, and show me everything the program can do. Maybe we can do something the last week of April, in time for the May 1st billings, or in May, in time for the June billings. Again, thank you for your time and expertise. Itís greatly appreciated.

And I hope to talk to you soon, MB

Best I've Ever Used!!
By Happy in Arkansas
Overall Rating: Rating: 5/5 starsIn the past I have used 2 different versions of a much larger, more complicated program and was constantly having trouble with it and not having any good support at all. I did a research on property management software to see if I couldn't find a better one. When I found MyProp, the first thing that caught my attention was that it interfaced with QuickBooks, which I was already using and loved. I ordered the MyProp software, loaded it, set it up and immediately fell in love. It is SO user friendly - which was important since I don't have time to worry about problems. It does everything that I need without having to spend thousands on a program that does way more than I would ever use. I had ordered a demo disc from another software company, but was appalled at the reports it generated. It would have taken a genius to figure them out. I have never regretted one minute getting MyProp. I have used it for over a year and would recommend it highly to anyone. I've only called support one time (I just haven't had any problems with it), and they made me feel like I was their only customer and was spending time on only me.

The best rental software for your money!
By Joyce in South Carolina
Overall Rating: Rating: 5/5 starsI am tracking 100 rental properties with MyProp software. It is easy to learn, simple to use and the most reasonably priced of any rental software I looked at. Support and service have been excellent. I always have an answer within 24 hours and they are very willing to help with any problem that may arise. This is very straight forward no nonsense software. It doesn't have all the bells & whistles of some of the larger packages which is great for anyone who loves QuickBooks and doesn't want rental software that also does your accounting. MyProp integrates easily with QuickBooks and allows you to continue to run all your reports and pay bills just like you always have.

A real time saver
By Keith
Overall Rating: Rating: 5/5 starsI give MyProp a much better than average rating as the user screens are clean and intuitive, making the $79.00 return on investment very high. Installation is very simple and clean. Tenant transactions have very good itemized breakdowns. The Tenant transactions history tracking works very well and the printed reports are clean and professional. The tenant setup before move-in is intuitive with drop down lookups adding to ease of use. I have already realized some benefits from this by being more informed and up to date with my tenants. No more paper shuffling just to get details about tenant transactions in a hurry. Invoice synchronization with QuickBooks is a snap and great for making professional looking sales receipts. This has saved me several hours a month in manually writing receipts and updating my accounting books. Building setup requires a couple of stages, but well worth the time in the reporting capabilities. The buildings are treated as QuickBooks customers so synchronization is a snap and solid. This added with the Ownerís feature allows partnership handling easier to handle. In all, having all the contact information in one place is convenient. Maybe the next version will include maintenance contacts also. Another great feature is the non-tenant income transactions per building but only provides for remarks; another itemized breakdown like the other tenant transactions would be nice. Management utilities are with some very informative reports that present some business proactive capabilities. I will be using this feature a great deal as this economy requires as much "forecasting" help as I can for staying with and continuing my business plan. If you are in the property management business or not, the included sample QuickBooks company will get you up to speed in using this tool in a short time. With this tool, I am able to enjoy the benefits of my property more often.